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Transferring a pension can often seem to be a daunting or intimidating process. The good news however, is that hundreds of thousands of people have successfully transferred their pensions overseas and are enjoying the benefits this brings. It’s one thing to read about the process but another entirely to hear from real people who have been through the process themselves – listen to the stories below of clients Mark Perry has helped access their UK pensions abroad.

"My pension was a piece of paper in the filing drawer"

Stephen’s video review talks about how his pension wasn’t something he actively considered when he was younger, however after moving abroad came to realise that he would be better off using his pension funds as investments.

"He put it in a way that I understood"

Fran’s video testimonial speaks about how she procrastinated dealing with her pension and that it was a real source of worry and anxiety for her. But since speaking with Mark Perry, she has found peace of mind and understood the pros and cons of transferring her pension.

"It was important that me and my family would have 100% access to the funds"

Colin’s video review talks about how he never really planned to do anything with his two UK pensions, but after a fortuitous meeting with Mark Perry and the peace of mind gained from knowing the money would go to his wife and children should he pass away, he choose to work with Mark to make this a reality.

"It allowed me that flexibility of how I want to manage my retirement and my future"

Daljit’s video testimonial talks about how he was initially skeptical of the process, though meeting Mark Perry quickly dismissed those concerns. Now his pension is sorted he has peace of mind that the money will be available for his family’s future.

"It’s a very simple process – Mark does all the work for you"

Sharon’s video review focuses on how her pension now provides her with a plan for the future and that she was so at ease and grateful to speak with Mark about her pension, and the ease of which it was all sorted for her.

"I realised that pension companies capitalise on your pension"

Paul’s video testimonial is all about how he came to the realisation that he could choose what to use his pension for in terms of investments, rather than how a pension company invests your money for you.

"For the first time in my life I felt like I could make an informed decision"

Martin’s video review mentions how he learned to trust Mark and the process, and how he is now wiser and has a better understanding of how his money can work for him.

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